TNT Cosplay Supply is the combined efforts of a three generation family project:

First there is the son, Christopher Skiles, aka Chris Skiles, who was an avid and very active cosplayer.

Second there is the mother, Toni Skiles, who started out as Chris’ handler; then moved forward to enjoying the art of Cosplaying in her own right.

Third there is the grandmother, Tommi Myers, who is the seamstress who helped create some of Toni’s and Christopher’s costumes. As well as a creative influence for both Toni and Christopher.

On February 3rd. 2014, Christopher lost his life to complications from Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes. This devastating event showed us, Chris’ family, how strong and supporting the Cosplay family can be. The friends that Chris and Toni made through contact with the groups were a vital part in helping us to get through this devastating period in our lives.

Rather than give up the hobby that Chris loved so much we, Toni and Tommi, chose to embrace it and make it a vital part of our lives.

Toni’s business background is in accounting; working as the VP of Finance and Human Resources for an Architectural firm. She also, in the past, was able to put together a successful owner/operator business.

Tommi’s background consisted of 35 years as the owner of a business that makes and markets party supplies.

From the very beginning, we knew that cosplayers did not need another supplier that wasn’t in tune with their needs. We vowed to make every effort to get quality products at a good price for you, our customers. From our own experiences and the experiences of others that we talked with, we came to the conclusion that the biggest deficiency in availability and quality was with EVA foam. Our search lead us to a manufacturer of extremely good foam at a very competitive price. Thus, we have made EVA foam our launching product. As our business grows, with your help, we will continue to search for other products that will benefit you, our customers.