• EVA-38 Foam Sheets

    Product may contain minor manufacturing imperfections.
  • Mega Foam EVA-38

    These mega sized foam sheets are made from our standard EVA-38 and are whopping 1 meter wide by 2 meters long (approximately 39" x 78").  These mega sheets are available in a medium gray color only.
  • C-4 (Cosplay Creative Clay Compound)  is a clay like product that dries and cures into a dense foam product.  It is great for adding detail and dimension to your foam builds.  It can be sculpted or pressed into a mold. Once this  product is fully cured it can be cut, sanded, heat formed and glued to EVA foam. C-4 comes in Black, White and Grey
  • The EVA Half Round Dowels are made from our EVA-38 foam.  They are perfect for adding the curved details to your cosplay and props. Like all our foam products these can be heat formed, primed, sanded and painted.    
  • EVA-38 Triangle Shaped Dowels.  The dowels are available in 10 mm, 14 mm, 18 mm and 24 mm widths.   All dowels are 1 meter long (approx. 39") and are sold individually.  
  • These EVA Dowels are made out of our 38 Shore C foam .  The square dowels  range from 6 mm to 20 mm and are  available in 600 mm (approximately 24")
  • EVA Foam Cones

    Poly-Props Foam Cones are made from high quality, closed celled foam. They can be heat formed, cut & carved with ease.    
  • EVA Foam Scales

    These individual EVA foam scales are a huge timesaver and great for your dragon and mermaid cosplays. These scales are made from our EVA-38 foam.  They are smooth on both sides and can be heat formed, sanded, sealed and painted. Available in three styles:  Oval, Teardrop and Diamond Available in two sizes:  small or large
  • PRIME by Prop Monkey Studios the "First Coat for EVA Foam".  It is a non-toxic, flexible, adhesion enhancer and fine pore filler.
  • Sale!

    Clearance EVA-38 Foam

    This foam is our standard EVA-38 that has various manufacturing imperfections.  Most of the imperfections are holes from air bubbles, uneven edges or surface damage.  Because of these imperfections we are offering to you at a discounted price. All Sales on this clearance foam is sold AS IS.  There are no guarantees of quality and cannot be returned for a refund.
  • These full color tutorial books by Svetlana Quindt of Kamui Cosplay cover topics such as getting started in cosplay, lights, painting, foam prop making, and advanced armor making.  These are a must for every cosplayer and prop makers library.