• EVA-38 Foam Sheets

    All our EVA-38 foam sheets are 600 mm wide x 1500 mm long (approximately 24" wide by 60" long)
  • Samples are a great way to see and feel what will work for your project. We offer free samples, in various sizes of our EVA foam. Samples are processed and shipped via US Postal service each Friday.
  • EVA-38 Foam Dowels

    These EVA Dowels are made out of our Shore C 38 foam.  The dowels have a diameter that range from 8 mm to 48 mm, and come in two lengths: 300 mm (approximately 12") and 600 mm (approximately 24")
  • C-4 (Cosplay Creative Clay Compound)  is a clay like product that dries and cures into a dense foam product.  It is great for adding detail and dimension to your foam builds.  It can be sculpted or pressed into a mold. Once this  product is fully cured it can be cut, sanded, heat formed and glued to EVA foam. C-4 comes in Black, White and Grey
  • EVA-38 Triangle Shaped Dowels.  The dowels are available in 10 mm, 14 mm, 18 mm and 24 mm widths.   All dowels are 1 meter long (approx. 39") and are sold individually.  
  • EVA-50 High Density

    600 mm x 600 mm (approximately 24" x 24") squares of our High-density Foam This EVA foam has shore hardness of 50 and is smooth on both sides.  This product only comes in black.  
  • Plastazote® LD45

    Plastazote®  is a closed cell cross-linked polyethelyne foam.  It is different from EVA in that light will pass through the foam.  You can put LED lights behind this foam and it will make your foam look like it is glowing.
  • This EVA foam has a shore hardness of 38.  It comes in sheets that are 600 mm x 600 mm (approximately 24" x 24") squares.  Each sheet is coated with an industrial adhesive.  Simply peel the backing and stick to another piece of foam.  After 24 hours of curing time, you will have a very strong bond.  This allows you to apply details without having to use additional contact cement.
  • These scales are made out of our EVA-38 2 mm black EVA foam.  They are available in fish (rounded) and dragon (pointed) scales.  Our scales are on a strip which helps keep the scales evenly placed as well as speeds up production time by allowing you to place multiple scales at one time. You can heat form, seal, prime and paint these scales just like all our EVA foam products.
  • Hexflex Paint

    Hexflex is a water-based, fully flexible, durable brush on paint. It is Latex free, won't crack & cures with no tack. Available in a range of colors & clear. Clear can be tinted with water based acrylics.
  • EVA-70 Foam 2mm

    This EVA foam is 2mm thick with a shore hardness of of 70.  This makes the foam very strong.  You can even sew this foam.  This EVA foam comes in sheets that are 45" wide available in 2.5 yards, 1 yard lengths, and 1/2 yard lengths.