EVA Foam Scales


These individual EVA foam scales are a huge timesaver and great for your dragon and mermaid cosplays.

These scales are made from our EVA-38 foam.  They are smooth on both sides and can be heat formed, sanded, sealed and painted.

Available in three styles:  Oval, Teardrop and Diamond

Available in two sizes:  small or large

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Each package contains 100 individual scales.

Dimensions of the scales are:

Diamond Large- 1-7/8” Tall x 1-1/16” Wide
Diamond Small- 1-3/8” Tall x 3/4” Wide

Teardrop Large- 1-5/8 Tall x 1-3/8 Wide
Teardrop Small- 1-1/8” Tall x 1” Wide

Oval Large- 1-7/8” Tall x 1-¼” Wide
Oval Small- 1-3/8” Tall x 7/8” Wide


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