TNT Cosplay Supply is proud to announce the November 2019 Artist of the Month: Becky from Going Ape Costume!

“I’m 45, married, grown kids, going grey and I’m having the time of my life through cosplay!”

Most recently, you may have seen Becky as the winner of TwitchCon 2019’s Cosplay Contest – Larger than Life category with her incredible Naga Queen Cosplay. She spent over a year doing this incredible project as a mixed media cosplay with a huge variety of materials.

Going Ape Costume has been actively creating costumes since 1983, beginning with a custom Boy George costume for Halloween. In 1995 she began costuming professionally and worked as a manager in a costume shop in Utah. She found her first cosplay con in 2015 and “found her people”.

As a seamstress for over 20 years, she’s always felt most comfortable working with fabric. As her skill level grew, and she started doing more elaborate projects, she had to adapt to new materials and techniques including EVA foam, pattern making, sculpting, and several methods of painting.

Like a lot of cosplayers, she was inspired by Kamui Cosplay and Evil Ted Smith, but also admires the work of Bob Mackie, and designers like Guo Pei. She’s also a big part of the cosplay streaming community with her Twitch Creative channel at

Becky has spoken a lot about how cosplaying and going to cons has helped her to become more social and comfortable with sharing her work. She is a fantastic artist, and has a lot of passion for teaching and sharing her work with everyone. When we asked her about her experience with cosplaying, she said:
“There is always so much to learn in costume creation, so many skills to master, so many avenues to explore….how can you ever possibly be bored with it? Then sharing those skills through social media, a platform that wasn’t even close to being available when I started costuming? It’s been the basis of so much of what I know, who I share with, and why it’s so much fun!”

We at TNT Cosplay Supply admire and appreciate Becky’s commitment to creating and sharing some truly remarkable work. Keep up the amazing work, and thank you for being part of the TNT family!