We’re excited to announce the May 2020 Artist of the Month: Sayakat Cosplay!

Sayakat Cosplay is an extremely skilled cosplayer and artist from the Baltimore, MD area. Like many costume makers, she’s been making her own Halloween costumes since she was a child but started taking her skills to a whole new level in 2013. Her first con was Baltimore Comic Con, and she made a very elaborate Kerrigan Cosplay from StartCraft!

She’s particularly talented in pattern making, foam fabricating, needlework, electronics, animatronics, sculpting, molding, and LED lighting… pretty much every mixed media technique to accomplish very technical and polished projects.

Her biggest inspirations when she started were Yaya Han, Punished Props, Evil Ted, Kinpatsu Cosplay, Kamui Cosplay, the Egg Sisters, and Jackie Craft. These are common influencers for good reason, as they’ve been sharing their skills with new creators for years, and Sayakat 

adopted many of their techniques to create her own brilliant cosplays and props for years!

Something very unique about Sayakat is that she earned her PHD in Biology in 2014 – she’s always pursued many goals, and it’s worth mentioning that her 

academic intelligence is as sharp as her ability to use creative problem solving to accomplish her dreams. She has also been able to apply her focus to educate others, run cosplay workshops, engage in photography and modeling, compete in cosplay competitions, participate in panels, and take commissions full time to keep her busy.

She considers herself and introvert (like many cosplayers do) but allows herself to fully embrace the social aspects of cosplay conventions around the country. She has a wide scope of friends and fans, and genuinely loves connecting with fellow artists and being part of creative gatherings. She is not part of an official cosplay team but gives a tremendous amount of credit to her loving husband, who’s always supported her goals and encouraged her to continue doing what she loves. Although she is self-taught, she also gives credit to her Mother for teaching her most of what she knows 

with her sewing skills, and her Father for teaching her about electronics, lighting, and other engineering techniques.

Most recently, she has been broadcasting her workshop live on her Twitch channel, where you can watch her creating custom cosplays and props with her community. She’s also started a YouTube channel to do more in depth cosplay technique tutorials and help educate others to create their own projects!

You can find all her resources and social media accounts here:
Website: http://www.sayakatcosplay.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sayakatcosplay/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sayakatcosplay
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/sayakatcosplay
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/sayakat
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sayakatcosplay

From all of us at TNT Cosplay Supply, we appreciate and admire all that you do for the world of cosplay, the community, and for sharing your phenomenal work with everyone you come across.

You have our love and support,

Thank you for being part of the TNT family!