We’re excited to announce the March 2020 Artist of the Month: NoSpaceship

NoSpaceship (David Hilmer) is an extremely driven and talented cosplayer from South Carolina, and we’ve selected him as our featured artist this month because of his enthusiasm, positivity, and skill within the community.

He and his wife started cosplaying when they went to their first DragonCon in 2015. They both started with simple costumes and props as they were inspired by Evil Ted & Punished Props (among many others). DragonCon is an extremely large cosplay convention in Atlanta every year – They jumped right in, and were welcomed by hundreds of artists, cosplayers, prop makers, and costume designers.

As they got back from their first cosplay convention, NoSpaceship became inspired to learn everything he could about more sophisticated techniques, use different methods of building with EVA foam, 3D modeling & printing, new painting techniques, and newer mixed media builds. His passion for creating has brought some very exciting characters to life, and he’s always looking forward to sharing his work with the community.


Our favorite thing about NoSpaceship is his positivity and commitment to support all makers. “Cosplay has helped more than anyone would ever guess or know. I’ve been able to grow as a person and meet so many amazing people. I feel I a real purpose to meet and see as many people as I possibly can and learn more about them.”. NoSpaceship has such powerful charisma and is genuinely excited to meet and admire every designer he meets – He is so welcoming to everyone and brings a tremendous amount of value to every event he goes to.

David isn’t officially part of any cosplay team, but he gives credit to his wife (LadyKitzCosplay) as his teammate. “I wouldn’t do anything or go anywhere without her!”. Not only is she supportive of her husband, but they create cosplays together and travel as much as possible to have fun with their friends and meet new people. They’re both extremely talented in various creative techniques and have improved their skills and made the cosplay world a brighter place together.

NoSpaceship and his wife have a reputation of being wildly supportive of their close friends and have always sought to teach and inspire everyone they meet. They’ve both been handlers for friends competing in cosplay competitions and are planning some very exciting things for 2020!

This year David has decided to enter the world of competitive cosplay. He’s always pushed himself to learn and build more complicated projects, and has arrived at the point where he wants to see what competing will do to fuel his passion for getting even better!

“I’m on a quest to learn as much as I can, and to also share what knowledge I have”.

You can see more of NoSpaceship’s work on his Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/nospaceship/ or you can see him live streaming his cosplay work at https://www.twitch.tv/nospaceship

We are so happy to welcome you and your wife into our family, admire your humility, unlimited passion, positivity, and supportive presence within this community. You have our support as you pursue new goals, and we’re so excited to see how far you’ll go!

With sincere appreciation and love,
The TNT Cosplay Supply Team