We’re excited to announce the February 2020 Artist of the Month: Frostbite Cosplay!

Frostbite Cosplay is a team of siblings from the Dallas / Fort Worth area, made up of Bryce, Aspen, and Briston. Although they’ve only been creating for just over 5 years (since 2014), their skill and passion for cosplay has materialized in some truly unbelievable projects!

Back in 2014, they were interested in being part of the World Record for the “Most Cosplayers” in one venue. They decided to create a 14-foot-long ‘Toothless’ Dragon for A-Kon, (North America’s longest running Anime themed convention) in Dallas, TX. After a year of work, learning, mistakes, and successes… Toothless came to life in a full sized Quad-Suit.

After their first group cosplay, they continued making all kinds of new projects from different video games and other pop-culture references. Most of their work was created using EVA Foam, and quickly spun into several different techniques like sculping, 3D printing, resin casting, and prosthetics.

Recently, their focus has been primarily in “Larger than Life” builds and focus heavily on Blizzard themed costumes and props. They’ve made 3 full scale Reinhardt cosplays, an Orisa project, and several other characters from Overwatch. Their brand recognition has spread from very skilled local artists to now building live action cosplays and props for e-Sports teams, such as the Dallas Fuel Overwatch Team. They’ve also been competing in cosplay competitions all over the country and have taken home a few “Best in Show” trophies along the way.

We don’t really have a dream cosplay anymore. Our goal is just to keep bringing characters to life that push our limits and make us better makers” – Bryce

Bryce has said that he was first inspired by Evil Ted and Punished Props – their tutorial content really helped them to get started. They also give a lot of credit to ‘Terrible Trio Creations’, R Squared Cosplay, and MasamuneWG for their incredible builds.

The entire Frostbite team has always been very community oriented, and always love seeing their friends and fans at cons. They often have booths, panels, do photo shoots with other costume artists at conventions. They’ve also said that they love the creative outlet that cosplay has given them, and that it’s allowed them to spend time together as a family with their shared passion for creativity.

You can find Frostbite Cosplay’s work on their website: https://www.frostbitecosplay.com/
Or on their Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/frostbitecosplay/

They’ve even talked about getting into more workshops and doing YouTube tutorial content to help teach new people how to start building their own favorite characters!

TNT Cosplay Supply has had a close relationship with the entire Frostbite team for years, and we are so happy to have grown alongside them. We admire and appreciate all their hard work and look forward to what they create for years to come! Thank you for being part of our family!