We’re excited to announce the December 2019 Artist of the Month: Odd Man Out Props!

OddManOut, otherwise known as Rob Brang, is a prop maker, designer, and fabricator living in Michigan. As many current artists and cosplayers, Rob uses a variety of materials to produce high quality projects and replicas; including: EVA foam, 3D printed models, Sintra, sculpted elements, and general hardware materials.

He started Cosplaying in April 2006, teaching himself and learning from other builders, even reaching out authors and concept artists to help him learn all the details of a particular project. His skills and craftsmanship are a reflection of the determination he has to create and recreate high quality props, costumes, and replicas.

Rob has been regularly attending Cosplay Cons for over 25 years now, starting at Motor City Comic Con, and branching out to other cons between the US and Canada. Being part of the cosplay community has allowed OddManOut to show off his new projects and costumes; and enjoy spending time with his family and friends. He was even able to raise enough money selling his work to pay for his wedding, and is proud to bring his son to Mandalorian and 501st meetups.

Some of Rob’s favorite builds are his Darth Nihilus, the Geek of Thrones prop (made up of modern pop culture props), and Patch (Wolverine). All of these projects include foam fabrication, fabric work, custom pattern making, sculpting, and various priming, painting, and finishing techniques!
You can find OddManOut Props streaming at least twice a week at www.twitch.tv/oddmanoutprops

He gives a lot of love to EvilTed Smith, Bill and Brittany Doran from Punished Props, and KamuiCosplay and Benni for all their videos, books, and helpful content to keep him creating.

OddManOut Props officially started in 2017, and moving forward, has big plans to make it a full time business by 2020.
We love your work Rob, thank you for sharing your passion, commitment, and determination with all of us. Just by doing what you do, you will inspire new creators to follow their goals. We’re with you all the way!