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July 2020 Artist of the Month: Tiffany Gordon Cosplay

We are thrilled to introduce Tiffany Gordon Cosplay as our TNT Cosplay Supply ‘Artist of the Month’ for July 2020!

Tiffany is an extremely skilled cosplayer, prop maker, and builder who started creating in 2008. Her first cosplay was Misa from Death Note while she was still in high school. Most makers are self-taught, but Tiffany’s early work was so high quality she had won a few “Best Craftsmanship Awards” within the first couple of years with her work.

Moving into college, she was not planning on cosplaying at all, but found that she still had a very strong passion to continue creating. She shifted to making concepts based on work by Marie Antoinette, fashion design, pattern construction, and corset making with some unique materials. As she graduated, she got a job as a jewelry designer which she stuck with for several years. So, in a very short time she’d acquired a wide scope of creative knowledge and technical experience using different materials. Her favorite materials are EVA foam, fabric, worbla, leather, and 3D printed elements for her work.

In 2016 she got back into making new cosplays after a bit of a break. Tiffany did a full Witcher 3 cosplay group build (Geralt, Yennefer, Ciri, and Triss), and won a “Best in Show Group” award! This was a huge catalyst for her to challenge herself to learn more and truly push the limits of her work.

In 2018, she was not particularly well known, but had developed a strong commitment to her work and to the cosplay community. Her next creation was Auriel from Diablo 3 – and her debut video of this build absolutely exploded on social media, and overnight found herself going from just a couple hundred followers to thousands of fans! Within weeks, she was getting invitations to fill appearances at conventions, do panels, and guest at cosplay events around the country.

The reaction she received from the cosplay world was so strong, she decided to become a full-time cosplayer, educator, broadcaster, and pattern maker. Her routine has turned into making at least 1 full cosplay every month, streaming cosplay work on Twitch 3 days a week, doing 2 YouTube tutorials on costume making tips and tricks per month, and has a wide collection of patterns and prints for sale on her website. The work she has put into her brand in such a short amount of time is extremely valuable to our community, and very inspiring to so many of us!

Tiffany gives credit to Maul Cosplay and Lightning Cosplay, who’ve helped to inspire her to put as much detail and polish to her work over the years. Currently her dream cosplay is Lilith from Diablo 4, which her audience would be extremely excited to see her work on, and would be even more impressive considering Tiffany is not part of a cosplay team – she does EVERYTHING on her own!

If anyone is interested in seeing more of Tiffany Gordon’s work, please make sure to check out all of her social media links, and the various platforms she shares content on:


From all of us at TNT Cosplay Supply, we admire and appreciate all you’ve done to pursue your own goals. You had the courage to become a career cosplayer (which is so new and uncharted), and you have shown thousands of people that with determination and hard work, it can be a reality.

Your enthusiasm for sharing your work, knowledge, and positivity has an extremely powerful effect on our community. Thank you for spreading your love of creativity with all of us, The cosplay world is a much brighter place because of you!

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